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ST. CROIX - No decision has been made about the reappointment of three sitting judges whose terms in office have expired, but that decision is expected to come sometime soon.
Government House spokesman Jean Greaux Jr. said Wednesday that Gov. John deJongh Jr. is in the process of reviewing the terms of Superior Court judges that are set to expire and will make a decision shortly about whether he will reappoint the sitting judges to new terms or make new appointments to the bench to replace them.
At this point, the terms for Superior Court Presiding Judge Darryl Donohue Sr. on St. Croix, and Superior Court Judges James Carroll III and Michael Dunston expired at the end of May, and the judges are in their extension period, which has a maximum 120 days.
It is up to deJongh to decide whether the judges will be reappointed to serve another six years on the bench.
The term for the four magistrates who were appointed in 2009 came to an end last weekend, ending the Magistrate Division's first cycle. Greaux said the governor is not involved in the selection process for the Magistrate Division. The presiding judge of the Superior Court makes the magistrate appointments and defines the approval process for them.
Currently, that duty falls under Donohue's responsibility.
Two weeks ago, Donohue signed-off on orders of reappointment for the two current magistrates of the V.I. Superior Court on St. Croix.
In the order dated June 13, Donohue said that Magistrate Jessica Gallivan and Magistrate Miguel Camacho, whose terms expired June 28, are reappointed to the [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Rays-13-Carl-Crawford-Red-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-47/]Rays 13 Carl Crawford Red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] bench for a term of four more years, which began June 30.
The term for Magistrate Alan Smith on St. Thomas expired Sunday, and he retired, leaving the district with its two magistrate positions vacant.
The first position had been vacated earlier this year, when Magistrate Kathleen Mackay was tapped to replace Family Court Judge Audrey Thomas, who retired.
Donohue said while Mackay had been appointed a judge, she still completed magistrate functions so there would not be a lapse in how the cases moved. He set this month as when Mackay would start taking cases as a [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Phillies-26-Chase-Utley-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-84/]Phillies 26 Chase Utley Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] judge.
Now with Smith retired, there are no magistrate judges in that district, and the duties assigned to the magistrate judges are being carried out by the judges.
"The judges came up with a contingency plan and worked out a schedule where they will be on a rotation to handle magistrate duties until the positions are full," Donohue said.
Magistrates handle advice-of-rights hearings, arraignments, misdemeanor cases, tenant/landlord disputes, marriages, small claims, littering cases, traffic cases and domestic violence cases.
A selection panel had been organized to find a replacement for Mackay's position, and the panel recently identified someone who will be the likely replacement, Donohue said.
"Nothing is solid or completely worked out yet, so I really can't say anything about who that person will be," he said.
Donohue said discussion had begun to bring together another selection panel and start the process over again to fill Smith's position.
The selection panel is made up of individuals representing the Public Defender's Office, the Attorney General's Office, Leal Services, the V.I. Bar Association and individuals not necessarily with a legal background.
Donohue said once the committee goes through applicants and completes the vetting process, they narrow the selection down to about two candidates and the judges vote to decide the ultimate selection.
"I'm really hoping the organization of the panel and the whole process moves faster this time around," Donohue said.
"It took a really long time to move things forward the last go-round, but we should be able to have a selection by this fall," Donohue said.
- Contact reporter Fiona Stokes at 714-9149 or email fstokes@dailynews.vi.

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精准医疗要做到个性、高效及预防的关键在于筛查和诊断,因此基因测序等检测诊断技术的发展是关键。成本的下降让基因测序商业化市场的打开成为可能,基因测序技术的成熟和商用经过了多年的发展,1980 年自动测序仪出现,2001 年完成了人类基因组框架图标志着这一技术的成熟,2007 年二代基因测序技术大幅降低测序成本,使得这一技术应用出现可能,以走在前列的Illumina 公司为例,该公司自2007 年起把当时每个基因组的测序成本费用从1000万美元降到了当下的1000 美元, 根据Illumina 公司数据,全球NGS(二代基因测序)的应用市场规模预计为200 亿美元,药品研发和临床应用是增速最快的领域,增速超过15%,肿瘤诊断和个性化用药是最有应用前景的领域,市场规模120亿美元。乐土投资与Illumina以及新一代的基因检测公司Genalyte, Centrillion都有着合作关系。


全球创新论坛纽约峰会由全美华人金融协会(The Chinese Finance Association, TCFA) 主办。全美华人金融协会于一九九四年在美国成立。分布在世界各地的会员来自华尔街投行、基金、监管部门、和学术界,已成为联系中美金融界最重要的桥梁之一。协会定期举行学术年会。协会本部设在纽约,并在波士顿,华盛顿,旧金山,伦敦,香港,北京和上海等金融中心设有分会。


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